Hi, my name is Catherine Taylor. In 2015, I discovered the PubMed database–a wondrous, indexed collection of biomedical scientific research going back more than half a century–and found myself getting sucked into working to solve medical puzzles using all the PubMed research together with the vast knowledge the internet puts at our fingertips. I think of this as my “biomedical sudoku” hobby. I’ve deduced┬ásome health-related solutions that I think have merit, so I’ve gathered them together here on this blog. Some of the hypotheses are published in journals, and some are not. I welcome any and all kinds of useful feedback.

Disclaimer: I am not a physician or medical practitioner, and I am not going to try to “treat” anyone. While I strive to never make suggestions that could result in harm, I refuse to take responsibility for people overdoing anything. Extremism in nutrition is dangerous to mind and body. I am no fan of constantly consuming dietary supplements and/or vitamins and so promote moderation and wisdom in self-care.