Molybdenum is element #42, and it is a trace mineral in many foods. It is high in legumes and some whole grains, including barley and oats. It appears to help with migraine headaches. Several friends have used it on an as-needed basis to gain partial to complete relief from migraines that are due to weather changes, hormone fluctuation, and an unknown cause.

How does it help? Molybdenum is used by five enzymes in our bodies, and at least three of them appear to be involved with processes that medical reports and studies indicate could be connected to migraine headaches.

My friends took chelated molybdenum glycinate supplements in amounts that were about 10 times the RDA for molybdenum but still far below the upper limit of what is considered safe. They did not take it every day, just when they were getting or experiencing a migraine. If considering taking a molybdenum supplement while pregnant, first clear it with your OB/GYN.